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360 Surveys was built on the quality of our topographical surveys. We maintain this quality to this day, continually adopting new technologies to deliver geospatial certainty for our clients.

Our Approach

At 360 Surveys, people are the most important part of our offering. We hire the best geomatics graduates and engineers and have a well-established Learning Management System to support their career development. This ensures that the best field surveying practices are maintained and our workflows are consistently deployed. The best and brightest graduates also challenge our way of thinking, meaning our processes are continually improving. We employ over 50 staff throughout the country meaning we can undertake projects of any scale.
Our mature, proven processes and quality assurance workflows deliver a uniform, repeatable level of high-quality data. Topographical surveys are often only part of the solution. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that the best, most experienced people and technology are used to deliver a specific task. This single-source supplier approach ensures integration across all data outputs. For example, our topographical surveys are typically accompanied by an underground utility survey, the output of which is federated into one comprehensive delivery for our clients.
As a geospatial services company, we leverage the power of technology to deliver high-quality outputs. We invest in our equipment and its calibration and upkeep. Best results are achieved when our geomatics professionals operate this equipment with the understanding of surveying principles to ensure that the data is verified. Our GeoCert™ platform integrates our people, process, and technology to enable the delivery of trusted data to our clients.

Topographical Surveying Services

All topographical survey services can be developed to suit our client’s budget.

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Establishment of Primary Site Control
  • Land characterization surveys
  • Setting out
  • Conservation and Heritage Surveys
  • Façade and Elevation Surveys
  • Photographic and Ortho-elevation surveys


Topographical surveys involve the production of maps and plan to accurately represent the details of the natural and built environments. From structures, trees, and boundaries through to buildings, we produce detailed maps to scale to establish the position and shape of natural and man-made features of any given area. Contour lines are present to indicate levels across the site and these can be shown at predetermined intervals as required.
Topographical surveys have been used for centuries to understand our environment. It was and remains an integral part of the construction of our roads, canals, and railways, the critical infrastructure we still rely on today. It is a key part of our property sector, helping to define land ownership and bring order to the placement of our buildings. When 360 Surveys was established in 2014, Cyril Gadegbeku understood the importance of land surveying and its value to his clients. This understanding continues in the company to this day. With an array of methodologies and tools are our disposal, and 8 years of experience delivering projects, our approach is to consult with our clients to understand their exact requirements. From this understanding, we can assist with their scope definition so that the best value for money can be achieved. From there, our clients lean on our experience and technology to deliver the project on time, within budget, and to the defined accuracy.


360 Surveys offer topographical surveys tailored to suit your requirements. We are happy to liaise directly with your architect; engineer or design team to ensure all relevant data is captured, and avoid the useless excess data which could add unnecessary costs to your survey.


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